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Areas of service

The following services are components under the umbrella of Transformed to Glory Ministries. Each service will spring forth as the need arises and under the direction of the Holy Spirit in due season. 

Warm Hearts & Warm Hands

"Warm Hearts & Warm Hands" serves the homeless population in our community by providing hands on service, resources and referrals to agency partners.  Through these coordinated efforts we hope to assist in meeting the clients basic needs.

“Sparkling Gems Youth Program” operates in partnership with existing organizations that currently help young girls in developing healthy images of themselves and healthy relationships with others. Our goal is to teach and prepare young women to live a life that "Sparkles" before God.

On the Wall Prayer Call

The “On the Wall Prayer Call” is a designated conference call where the Prayer Warriors come together to stand in the gap and pray, as they intercede for the welfare of others.

Glimpse of Hope Restored

Through “Glimpse of Hope Restored” we compassionately minister God's love and hope to individuals impacted by domestic violence or sexual assault.  We provide support, training and referrals to community resources as needed.

Share & Share Alike Fellowship

Our “Share & Share Alike Fellowships" provide a safe environment for individuals to share an array of experiences, expertise and educational resources with the goal of enhancing our individual lives.

Hearts United

“Hearts United” is a monthly grief support group for individuals impacted by loss to come together to offer encouragement and hope to one another, as they walk side by side on their difficult grief journeys. 

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